Thinking about Renting a Room in your House?

Collaborative approaches to problem solving are always a good thing. So, why not collaborate in blogging, too? …Especially when there’s good information worth sharing.

I received a very complimentary e-mail about this Firm’s blog from my “big fans” and new friends at prides itself on “Bringing home owners everywhere the latest insurance updates, timely trends in real-estate, and do-it-yourself home remedies” and seeks to help YOU find the most affordable home insurance quotes online. also publishes its own articles on real estate-related topics. Recently, published an article that compliments my “So you want to be a landlord?” blog series. If you think that renting out a room in your house somehow changes the rules of the landlord/tenant game, then think again. ¬†Title 8 of the Real Property Article of Maryland’s Annotated Code ¬†applies to all residential landlords, whether you’re renting a room, an apartment, or a house. More importantly, there are things you need to know to protect yourself as a landlord, especially when you’re sharing your living space with a tenant.

So, by request, I’m passing along’s recent article entitled 8 Things You Must Do Before Renting Out a Room in Your House. As always, if you’re considering becoming a landlord, I’d recommend that you save yourself any future aggravation by consulting with an attorney before you rent any property.

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