Personal Injury Lawyer Frederick, MD

Personal Injury Lawyer Frederick, MD

When you are recovering after a personal injury accident and are wondering what the settlement negotiation process is like, you should speak with a personal injury lawyer Frederick, MD has relied on from Peeples Law Group. We know that you have probably discussed things with your insurance company before: maybe you’ve had a leak at your home and needed to talk with home insurance or maybe you have needed to get something on your car fixed and talked with an agent from your car insurance. However, when you were injured by someone else in an accident and are filing a claim against someone else’s insurance, you want to know what steps you should be taking. This is where your attorney can come in. 

Why should you have an attorney negotiate with the insurance agents?

You may be wondering why you need an attorney for something like this. After all, you know what happened during the accident and are happy to let them know that you are the victim, not the other party. However, the insurance agent will not want to give in to that point of view. Even if it is very clear that you were not to blame for the accident that happened, the insurance agent will not want to give you a fair settlement.

They may be sympathetic over the phone and give you some kind of settlement offer, but this is likely not the amount you deserve. Our Frederick, Maryland personal injury lawyer can help you with this. Your attorney understands the rules of negotiation and knows that the process will look like this:

This can be a long process, and typically the insurance agent will want to determine what the lowest possible amount is you are willing to accept. This is why it is so important to have your attorney helping you with the negotiation process. They will know what a fair offer is and when to accept or go to court. 

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